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Visualmax – The specialty store fixture partner that you can truly rely on.

Visualmax has 10 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of front-end and merchandising fixtures for top retailers. Our long-term employees are experienced craftsman with the skills to generate high quality fixtures that will last for many years. We combine wood, metal and plastic manufacturing under one roof allowing us to control every step of your important project.



Our team of designers, engineers, and manufacturing experts are the masterminds of fast-changing retail environments. We understand the latest POS technologies and how store personnel interface so we can create perfect ergonomics. And, our fixture solutions are never restricted to what we produce in-house thanks to our extensive association with manufacturing partners of other permanent materials. We have the flexibility to get things right, even with modifications from store to store.



Visualmax is integrated with sophisticated design support, cut-edge manufacturing and printing capabilities, and expansive prototyping capabilities, effective sourcing of components and strong backup support services. You not only get cost-effective internal manufacturing, but all the associated services needed to ensure that your project gets designed and fielded without a hitch. Because we do it all by ourselves, you get the best lead times, most competitive prices and the optimal value.



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